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This lovely post is the first in the Community. This should be fun.

For my first act I would like to say that people should go here. This site gave us the following Junior Class Couples:

Sarah and Ryan
Lindsey and Dave
Casey and Emmett
Val and Cory
Sam and Scott

Not that anyone should get any ideas. I don't think many of us will be happy with these results....


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Haha, of course many of us will not agree with these results... well you and Cory... I can't say but Dave and I? Eek lol. I have a 98% for someone else, thank you very much! K3 SOS. Hehehehe! Well Guess what? I'm the first to comment.

FRCS is my life, it is my soul. They say I am not allowed to chew gum, therefore I quit. I love my school, I love my subject, I will always live within the books. I cannot live without them. I have fallen in love with School. Forever I will stay.