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Two Days Left

What have you left to do?

FOR STANDARD ENGLISH PEOPLES: Read Jane Eyre... have you?
FOR AP HISTORY BUFFS (Sam and Valerie): 22 & 23, anything more?
FOR CHEMISTRY (all present): Chem Lab

The rest of ya'll... I dunno ^_^

Hear ye, hear ye! Save thy rebuttal! Entrance ye foe by swimming ye lake of unintersting tasks! Enter the domain by surviving yonder rock-climbing! Knowest all within for only thou can survive the temple of thy Silver Monkey! Only thou art able to take upon the crazy monkey guards!!!!!!

*jumps off foam boulder in lake of uninteresting tasks as hyperness takes over*

On another note, the returning of school as nipped me in the butt. I've meant to accomplish something academically this week (like getting intot he mood of college letter reading), but the time has come and gone. Tomorrow is the last day of solitude and soon we all will see each other again.

amn, it's also too late to get a haircut too... stupid Sundays
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