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Obligatory mod post.

I hope everyone is having a great summer! I invited a bunch of people to this community but nobody really wanted to come. All I have to say now is RECRUIT, RECRUIT! I'm sure there are some people I missed when I slogged through the LJ masses to find FRCS people. Some people only update once a century, so they don't check their comments anyway. Ah, well. Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and got to see some fireworks.

I have a very long personal summer reading list, and I've decided to write a book (or rather, finish one I already started). Is it obvious that I don't have a life? I've read 4 novels since this summer has started.

In case anyone doesn't know already and wants to, I am the official mod. of this community...but seriously people, don't bitch to me if nobody ever posts...You can all post your fun stuff here or whatever. I leave you now with links: <--it's fun, but I'm not really sure what it is. <---I don't love this site. You have to be REALLY bored. It's basically just a links list anyway. <--I love The Onion. It's my favorite newspaper. Just don't take anything literally. <---Forum for people like me who read 4 novels in 2 weeks. Don't go here unless you REALLY REALLY like to read. hopes of starting some sort of posting sequence, or at least conversation, what movies have you seen/ books have you read/ stuff have you done, etc.?

I kind of want to see Spiderman 2 but I'm really not a sequels person. I've heard good things though. Has anyone seen it yet?
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