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This week at FRCS:

-Stuff happened
-Dance was fun
-Red Sox Sweep
-A War Brews on the Horizon
-School blows Rishi
-Essays Suck
-Xylem becomes a newspaper
-Just what the hell are limits and will we ever know?
-Blue bathing suits on pregnant women, ticks attacking curlers, and cars chasing each other
-Friars, yeomen, and carpenters, oh my
-Fletcher's "branching out"
-SuperKid super-blows
-If all we see are black crows, how do we know red crows don't really exist?
-We both call the same color blue; but what if my blue turns out to be your green?
-"I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away."
-Rodney Dangerfield dies. Christopher Reeve dies. A sad week for all Americans.

And that was much of this week. Thank you, Rishi for reminding us all that there is a community for us all.
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