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This Week In FRCS:

- Memorial Day Causes Three-Day Weekend
- What business do an elf, a man, and a dwarf have in the Riddenmark? Speak quickly!
- He's a tornado, *whistles*
- Birthday Party for Zombie and CeeKay
- Magic 8-Balls
- The Musical Stylings of The Gaye Brothers: Marvin Gaye and "Ray Gaye"
- Strawberry-induced Wrestling
- I'm James, You're James, WE'RE ALL JAMES!!!
- Ashes Dumped Upon and Doo-Doo Rugs
- The Dances of Joint James and LSD Lindsey
- Evil Scott
- Yankees are Winning ;_;
- Student Life Revamp
- Regis Visit
- UMass Boston Visit
- Wade is horrible. We must join him.

Feel free to add you're own.
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